Synthracer maximum is a game created as a showcase for the recent synthwave work of Larry Dorrito.

The game itself features two modes. Drive and Cruise, Drive gives you control of the car using the arrow Keys or WASD. With Left-Shift as TURBO!!!

Cruise leaves you with only Left-Shift as TURBO!!! Allowing you to sit back and enjoy some awesome music and trippy visuals.

Here you will find both an online "demo" (Unity5 Webgl doesnt support all of our awesome features). And a downloadable version for Mac and WIndows. If you want the best experience we suggest downloading the game, ramping the graphics up, and turning up the sound.

You can press Escape to exit from the game to the menu, and escape again from the menu to quit the application (for downloaded versions only).



  • Motor6.
  • Escape pod.
  • Jacob Blanch.
  • Jack MCClenaghan.

  • Jack Kuskoff.
  • Shannara Thompson.
  • Joshua Hoare.
  • Toni-Louise Giacopelli.
  • Anthony Farruggio.

External assets used

  • Blacklight Studios: Modular Road Kit.
  • DustyRoom: Retro Aesthetics pack.
  • MDFK art studio: Neon Battleset.

More information

Published67 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
AuthorsAJJM, JacobBlanch
Tags3D, Abstract, artgame, Experimental, glitch, Music, Neon, Singleplayer

Install instructions

For the windows builds once downloaded please right click on the file and then unzip/extract its contents. You will find a Data file and a .exe. please keep them in the same folder, and double click the .exe to play

For the mac drag the application into the applications folder.


windows build (49 MB)
Download (51 MB)


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