A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Gone Crab is the premier hermit crab simulator of 2017. When you are a hermit crab, your shell is your home, your home is your life. But all living things strive, and all living things grow. As we change ourselves we need to change that which we are close too as well. For a hermit crab this is it's shell, it's home.


Jack McClenaghan - Designer / Project Manager.
Caleb Middlebrook - Designer.

Dakota Wood - Lead Programmer/ Graphic design.
Liam Watson - Programmer.

Cate Garrett - Animator.
Montana Bittner - Animator.
Dylan Marcer - Animator.
Teyden Pearl - Animator.
Shannara Thomson - Animator.
Rebecca Owen - Animator.
Hayden Graham - Animator.
Kelvin Tse - Animator

Tiani Cook - Graphic Designer.

George Hickman - Audio (Score).
James Reynolds - Audio (Foley).

Caffeine - Miracle worker.


GoneCrabOSX 1.0.zip (234 MB)
GoneCrabWIN 1.0.zip (231 MB)


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I am now a hermit crab.


hey is this a 32-bit and i can fight any crabs that will be amazing