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A 3d Angry birds defence game?! This is a student project title that I decided to give a twist. The game's soundtrack is Virtual Riot's "Energy Drink" (NCS Release). And the soundtrack is timed to coincide with the pace of the game, as the song drops enemies spawn faster and separate enemy phases begin.

I am putting it up here to hopefully receive feedback and discuss ideas and the game itself :)

P.S Some resources are unity asset store downloaded (free downloads what student has money PFFT!), they are all credited and that is also why payment is disabled, If I am going to have payment on it is going to be all my assets in entirety.

P.P.S Dont expect quality, I only wish I was better, but we live and learn.

Published Jul 16, 2016
Tags3D, Third Person, Tower Defense

Install instructions

Should simply be an .exe file you can download and open!


CannonDefenderGame!.rar 82 MB

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